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Easy Carbon Footprint Calculator Results

Your estimated Annual Carbon Footprint is:

1,683 lb CO2e

Your estimated carbon footprint is similar to the US average per capita. Most of your pollution comes from using Home Energy.

 Source Category lb CO2e %
  Personal Vehicles 0 0
  Public Transportation 0 0
  Air/Cruise Travel 0 0
  Home and Diet Energy 0 0

Why not take the next step to help the planet?

Your carbon footprint is the best way to understand your personal contribution to climate change. With Climate Futures you can reduce and offset your impact:

Your estimated carbon footprint is 1,683 lb CO2e.

Which would require 8 carbon credits to offset.

By clicking "Balance my Carbon Footprint!" you will be redirected to our online store where you can select the climate project and the number of carbon credits to permanently retire in order to balance your carbon footprint.

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